Hind’s Intimity

How to take a place as a woman today?

I invite you to share a moment together, in all intimacy, to go beyond patterns that confine us and move us away from our Essence of Woman.


To be a woman today is to allow oneself to be accepted, love oneself and fulfil oneself, as a mother, a sister, a wife, a housewife or an active woman.


In each of us lies a potential for unlimited love and creativity.
Let us connect to this potential, awaken our power and sow seeds of change and transformation for ourselves, for future generations and for the entire community.


Together, whatever our experience, our age or our journey, let’s share and wake up our Women Power.


Book your place today for the workshop “Dare to be a woman” Thursday, July 12 at 18:30 in Casablanca.


Places are limited for a sharing in complete intimacy.


117 avenue Hassan II

Casablanca Morocco


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+212 5 22 27 73 05


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