Here’s my story …

Have you ever been in your lowest form?

To have the feeling that you have hit the bottom, that something is wrong with you? And despite this, you refused to face the truth? You persist in believing that you have the situation well in hand?


While deep inside you, your little inner voice is whispering: “Where are we going this way? We cannot continue in this direction! You take us right into the wall! We need help to recover, regain strength and rebuild ourselves.”

This is what happened to me! I knew I was losing control, that the situation was escaping me! But in spite of that, I persisted in making the same actions, keeping the same thoughts, without questioning myself, instead of going to the obvious. Yet the diagnosis was clear, obvious and unambiguous: “Madam, your migraines are the symptoms of depression …”

I didn’t want to hear or understand anything!

I preferred to remain in denial state: “We cannot have depression at 23! »; “Antidepressants are for migraines”; “It’s just a slump, I’m going to recover quickly”; ” All my life is Okay: I am young, married, I have beautiful children …”


And I continued to do so, until the day when … I don’t know when, or how, or what triggered this admission: but one day, I found myself in intensive care. My body had decided to be heard. It said STOP: “I see the truth in front of me “. It had become so weak that my mind no longer had any power over it. It refused any medicine! Raising the hand, simply, was a feat! And I… hadn’t seen anything!


I was actually ignorant. I had graduated, I was a young modern woman, educated but … totally ignorant in the field of life. I didn’t know that a “simple” depression could lead to intensive care! I didn’t know that my mind and my body had to work in the same direction! I didn’t know it was important to maintain a balance between the two!


In 15 days of intensive care, I had the time needed to make the choice and decide to act to get through my fear.

I decided to take the control of my life back and not to undergo it anymore! I decided to become an actress of my life, not just a spectator!

To begin, I made the decision to stop the drugs. My doctor has decreed that I would need 1 year to achieve this! One year is long …


Have you ever experienced a situation in which you don’t know where your choices lead you, but at the same time, you feel so much in harmony and guided in your decision to the point that you don’t ask yourself the question? You know deep inside that you made the right decision! You just decide to trust yourself.


That’s what I did! I decided to trust myself and my body! And I managed to stop the anti-depressants in just 3 months!


For that, I learned to respect my body, to listen to the messages it sends to me. Understand its moments of weakness and recognize its victories no matter how small they are. We learned to live together in love and gratitude.

How did I transform this painful experience into a real springboard in my life?

My passion for human behavior begins with this episode of my life. It was vital for me to understand my own mental, emotional, physiological, psychological, and even spiritual functioning. For what reason, my many attempts to get up have failed? and what mechanisms had worked for me?To me, the difference was made when my goal was clear!

My “why” had become bigger than my “how“!

My why, was my place as a MOM. Love for my children was my lever to get up.

Hind Gacimi

I wanted to become the mother of my children, the one they could count on, the one they could love, admire, hate and love again.

The path of personal development was a rich and exciting journey, difficult, but so transformative! I first embraced it as an amateur, then as a professional with studies in psychology, energy psychology and training in coaching. I learned to face some of my fears, to overcome some of my limitations and to believe in myself.

My passion for coaching comes from my own experience, when I became aware of the strength and impact that a single action can have in a lifetime.

So, why wait?


nside you, you have the best version of yourself that needs to be revealed. Allow me to live this wonderful journey with you, to accompany you to this beautiful transformation and grow together.


The HEART is for me an essential value in the customer-coach relationship which confers a quality presence, a sincere exchange with my customers and an absolute confidence.

I also nourish a strong work ETHIC that leads me to leave nothing to chance, and to instill concrete changes in the lives of my clients.

I seek EXCELLENCE for my clients and commit myself to give my best involvement in their support to help them achieve their goals.