Free your determination

Free your determination

Biographies of the greatest entrepreneurs reveal a common quality: perseverance. This is for many of them the most important aspect, because an idea is worthless if it is not accomplished, and it is this quality that will allow them to never give up, to pursue their dreams. If you are the type to give up everything at the slightest difficulty, here are some tips to strengthen your determination.

Determination usually stems from two things, self-confidence and the “reason” of each of us. You can boost your determination by working on these aspects, or by applying the steps detailed below.

Determination and self-confidence

A determined state of mind will guarantee foolproof perseverance, which will boost your daily willpower to achieve the goal that motivates you. Everything is connected! In this outline, doubts and negativity are rejected to make room for a more confident vision. So determination is also linked, more deeply, to self-confidence. It is sometimes on this aspect that we must work on in priority…

The importance of “why” in determination

In personal development, determination refers to a strong desire to achieve a goal. Be careful not to confuse determination and stubbornness: determination does not hesitate to take all the paths to reach a goal, while stubbornness is generally stuck in a dead end.

Nevertheless determination also means determining, defining something precisely. This second definition is just as important as the first one, hence to have an increased determination, it is better to establish a specific project. Defining the scope of your ambitions will allow you to reach them more easily. It’s quite logical, because when you know where you are going, you have a clearer vision of the steps you need to get there.

Furthermore to know where you are going, the “why” is essential. Why are you doing this? Does that make sense to you? Is it aligned with your values? Are your skills valued in what you do? It’s hard to be deeply determined when a goal is not ours or when you can not take ownership of it, when you don’t recognize yourself in it.

4 steps to strengthen your determination

1. In addition to a well-defined goal that fits your ambitions, it is important to plan how to achieve it. The more you detail the steps and strategies to achieve it, the easier it will be. Cut out your goal into concrete tasks, and divide them into your agenda.

2- Protect yourself from negative people, who may alter your determination by making you doubt. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people who believe in your project. And if you have access to a mentors valuable advice, it’s even better. Yes to constructive criticism, no to discouragement!

3- Failures or changes are learning opportunities, that’s the vision of determined people. They are not afraid of unexpected detours on their way to a goal, or to question their initial plan. They always bounce back. Cultivate your resilience!

4- This way of seeing failures as mere incidents during our journey stems from an optimistic vision and a positive attitude. Determined people do not dramatize, because they just do not have the time: the goal to reach is much more important. In case of a moment of doubt, they remember their past successes and the power brought forth by determination.

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