Program your brain for success

It is proven, changing the way we think is possible, to move towards the best and remove the worst! Reinterpreting difficult memories, wide sorting of your thoughts or yet positive visualization… Here are a couple ways to reprogram your brain.

When memory makes and undoes our memories…

Researchers have been studying how the brain uses the memories stored in the memory. It turns out that our memory does not function as a multitude of isolated drawers, but rather by a phenomenon of interconnection between neurons. Although when these communicate with each other, they create new neural circuits, modifying the structure of the brain.

Hence as the memory tends to deteriorate with time, we tend to recreate it, modify it, allowing to evolve the memory and neural circuits.

The benefit of this discovery for the field of personal development is that it is possible to modify memories, which are at the origin of thought patterns that influence our behavior.

For example, if you are living with the memory of a major failure, you certainly tend to be cautious and suspicious before undertaking anything. This fear of taking risks is a thought pattern that can make you miss out on great experiences. Conversely, positive memories of a success push to try new adventures.

2 exercises to review your memories

Settle in a quiet place and remember a moment in question, one that remains etched in your memory and that you would like to diminish its impact on your life today. Imagine that the memory goes away… It becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears. This exercise is just one example among many other techniques that work to modify the perception of an event.

Do exactly the opposite with positive memories: boost them! Go back to these delicious moments to feel all the pleasure experienced at the time. To do this, think back to the smallest details: the decor, the sensations, the feelings… Solicit all your senses so that the experience is synaesthetic and is anchored thus more into your memory. Garnish this memory of light, which will now enlighten the way to your dreams.

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Act on the present through positive visualization

“Manipulating” memories helps to better live the present, because we are gradually relieved of what weighed unnecessarily on our memory, all the while strengthening positive emotions.

Nevertheless it is also possible to be depressed now, at this moment, following an event that has affected us. Consequence: we interpret everything in a negative way.

It will then be, as for memories, to reinterpret the events to see the positive aspect of it. When you are being criticized, take it as a compliment: what you are doing is interesting others. When you succeed at something, enumerate the qualities that have allowed you to reach this prodigious result. In short, make a ton out of it, send yourself flowers every day!

Remember that your brain will always try to confirm what you think, so try to send positive messages to it… In case of problems, an open question (“how to achieve it?”) will help you find solutions, while negative tendencies (“I am lousy, I will never succeed”) will only condition your thoughts and actions for failure.

Change your behavior to impact your thoughts, it works too. For example, smiling will send a message of happiness to the brain (yes, even when you are at the bottom of the abyss and you force yourself to smile!).

So to reprogram your brain, you can play on your memories but also on your attitude (confident posture, smile) and your language (no negative or depreciating phrases).

The bottom line is that you can change your mind more easily than you think. Triggering event, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all related. They flow from one another. Though you have the power to weaken the connections, to break the chain.

Personal development offers you many tools, of which I have given you a minor sample in this article. You can act now to avoid negative thoughts turning into limiting beliefs that will rub off on your habits and impact your future results.