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Conceiving happiness to enhance one’s life

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.


Happiness is a relative notion that many of us are trying to reach. But what is happiness in the end?

Happiness can be defined as a state of well-being to which is added a sense of accomplishment and gratitude in one’s life. The sum of the little things that one by one seem insignificant, happiness is not something quantifiable. Often, we prevent ourselves from being happy because we are unable to fully enjoy the present moment.

Increase your dose of happiness by living in the present moment

A common mistake for many people is believing that happiness is an asset we will benefit from later on. This state of mind is not a consequence of your efforts, it is not a future benefit. Others mislead happiness and nostalgia by allowing themselves to be submerged by the past. Remembering one’s moments of glory where joy was experienced by said moment is a source of happiness, but should not be confused with true happiness.

How to recognize true happiness? Simply by living in the present moment! By taking full advantage of what life offers you today, that is how you will achieve true happiness. In fact, this feeling of plenitud is only attained by being able to feel gratitude for what you already have. You build happiness for tomorrow by accepting the joys of today!

Cease worrying about what has not happened yet and do not blame yourself for what has already happened. Most people act in response to their environment and not according to their inner selves. This behavior creates a gap between what we are now and what we truly want to become.

We tend to magnify past memories (this phenomenon is called crystallization) to compare them to the moments we are experiencing now. Obviously, they are never up to par compared to the story our mind has made around our past.

It is also the case with what we expect from the future. Instead of imagining ourselves living a situation, we question ourselves about the purpose of this situation. Why leave a comfortable job to live my dream? Will I have sufficient financial stability by living my passion? These are the kinds of topics you are wondering about instead of simply jumping into your dream. Ask yourself rather how will you live this existence? Will you be at the water’s edge? What will you feel in front of your audience?

Access true happiness by bringing together desire and action

Progressively, we have all been driven to achieve goals that met with the expectations of our family, society, our moral values. Often, we get lost between this image that is requested of us and what we really want. You probably know someone who has pursued law studies to earn a prestigious degree due to their parents insistence on the matter instead of pursuing a career in music despite their obvious talent. You can even be that person.

What is the result generated by this pressure? Quite simply a feeling of emptiness, minor sadness,or even anger and depression. You end up compromising on other things that matter to you, losing yourself a little more each time.

Take the time to make a concrete assessment of your life and of your aspirations and dreams.

Once you have made this assessment, it is time for you to act and change what does not help you towards achieving your happiness.

Decide to be truthful to reach true happiness

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In order to no longer live in a comfortable but unpleasant illusion, you must be honest with yourself. To find out who you really are so as to free yourself from your chains, ask yourself the following questions:

> What are your goals and your central objectives ?
> Are you ready to accept the consequences of living in agreement with yourself?
> Losing certain things or even certain people is feasible to you?
> Are you ready to confront the opinion of your family, friends and acquaintances?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a clearer vision of what you truly want. We all know one person (or it is about us) who is perpetually dissatisfied, always complaining that their life is dreary and sad. By identifying what is genuinely important to you, you will be able to work on your true self in order to attain nirvana and access true happiness!