The powers of creative thinking

Creative thinking is a personal approach that aims in changing our inner voice to gain in everyday well-being, and to serenely move towards self-realization. Sounds miraculous? Yet it is recognized by personal development specialists as a very effective tool. Explanations.

We often tend to be pessimistic not to expect too much of an event hence avoiding any disappointments. What if we chose to favor positive thoughts instead, what would happen then?

Law of Attraction

A pessimistic view of things is particularly harmful on the long term, because our negative thoughts may precipitate whatever it is we fear… Focusing on problems only reinforces them, while focusing on solutions would help to solve these problems. Creative thinking helps in this way, to gain in optimism and serenely move forward in life.

Shall we get to it ?

How to transform your state of mind and see the positive side of everything? Some concrete applications:

Always turn the negative into positive

Turn on your negative thinking radar: when you feel a negative thought overcoming  you or when you are expressing something negative about yourself or someone else, try to reverse that thought or replace it with something positive. It’s a gymnastic of the mind, and with a little practice, you’ll do it effortlessly. You will be surprised to see your negative thoughts gradually disappear… It is nevertheless quite logical: when you do not feed a thought, it ceases to have a reason to exist.

Do not waste your energy

Rather than thinking “I hate strawberries”, creative thinking will say “I prefer raspberries”. It may seem like inconsequential, but the message sent to your subconscious will be to focus on what you love, and create the conditions to obtain it. Staying focused on what you do not like floods negative energy into you and diverts you away from what you truly want.

Relegate your “flaws” to the past!

Your past faults or mistakes do not define you. Talking about them in the past tense will help you unbind from them and will give your full attention to what you want to be (or already are).

Observe the positive in everyone, starting by yourself

A negative word can destroy a person, so imagine the damage of these self-inflicted thoughts… “I’ll never make it”, “I’m useless”… The words you choose to use , which constitute the thought, have a direct impact on your state of mind, or even your physical health. If you constantly use negative terms to talk about yourself or your projects, you are just feeding this negative image of yourself, hence the importance of self-evaluating your words and making adjustments to it.

You can try the following exercise: do not use negative terms when it comes to talking about yourself or others. A kind of internal reprogramming whose effectiveness should surprise you.

Forgive yourself when thinking negatively, and congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished. Furthermore forgive others for offending you. Your resentment will only exhaust you; it is better to move forward serenely.

The hunt of complaints

Take awareness of the number of complaints you can make or think of during the day, and try to avoid them on time. Replace them immediately with positive observations or gratitude.

Repeat visualization exercises

To think is to visualize, and to visualize is to create a thought. When you regularly visualize something for the future, you are already giving it a little life, because the focus on this vision will favor the conditions of its realization.

Each of your thoughts builds your reality. To be aware of it is already a first step. It’s up to you to go one step further, every day.

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